LOST PROPERTY: "Has it got a name on it?"

Throughout the year we accumulate a lot of lost property that is often not named, which makes it difficult to return.

As part of developing independent skills we are keen to encourage your child to take care of their possessions but we understand that at times items can get left behind/forgotten. 

In order to minimise this please may we ask that you name as many items as possible.
Items will then be returned to your child.

If any items have not been returned please visit the 'Has it got a name in it?' shed which is located near the main playground on the main Fulbridge Academy site.
For Fulbridge Academy High, please have a look in the large container outside the office entrance.

Lastly, please check with your child's class.

We hope this will help to reduce the amount of unclaimed items.
Thank you for your support in this matter.