Parent/Carer Information


Our school hours are:

Nursery/Magic Kingdom:         

Morning Session - 8.30am - 11.30am

Afternoon Session - 12.10pm - 3.10pm  

Phase 1 (Reception and Year 1):

Monday to Thursday - 8.45am - 3.00pm 

Friday 8.45 - 1.45pm

(Children can arrive from 8.30am)

Phase 2 (Years 2 and 3):

Monday to Thursday - 8.45am - 3.05pm 

Friday 8.45 - 1.50pm

(Children can arrive from 8.30am)

Phase 3 (Years 4 and 5):

Monday to Thursday - 8.45am - 3.10pm 

Friday 8.45 - 1.55pm

(Children can arrive from 8.30am)

Phase 4 (Years 6):

Monday to Thursday - 8.45am - 3.15pm 

Friday 8.45 - 2.00pm

(Children can arrive from 8.30am)

School Day Timings 

Fulbridge is open from 7.45am onwards for the front office and breakfast club. Children can enter class from 8.30am. Registration closes at 8:45am, any children arriving after this time will be recorded as 'late' on their file.  The gates will remain open until 9am, anyone arriving after this time must report to the main office or Years 4 & 5 must report to reception at Fulbridge Academy High. Offices close at 4pm Monday to Thursday and on a Friday at 3.30pm. 

Children who miss the morning or the afternoon register will receive a late mark.  We encourage the children to be punctual so as to ensure a happy start to the day as well as no learning time missed.  Absence and lateness are reviewed on a regular basis by Mrs Delegate, our Attendance Officer, who may visit families where attendance is poor or you may be called in for an attendance meeting. Our best learners attend every day and are on time!

Please make sure you are on time to collect your child/ren. If you are going to be late then please make sure you ring the school office to notify them. 


If your child is ill or absent for other reasons, please ring the school before 8:45 in the morning so that registers will be marked appropriately. If you fail to do so you will be called by our attendance officer. The telephone number is 01733 566990.

Holiday Absence

Any leave of absence during term time will not be authorised. In exceptional/unavoidable circumstances the Principal may authorise a request once a leave of absence form has been submitted. This form can be collected from the school office. 

Medicines in School

We understand that your child may need to take long term and temporary medication. If your child requires  medication within school hours please see the school office or your child's teacher.  Please may ask you to be mindful and where possible administered medication at home.  The school will not give medication (prescription or non-prescription) without a parent/carers written or verbal consent except in exceptional circumstances.  All medication administered is recorded.  Please seek advice from you doctor if you are unsure.

Safeguarding Children

At Fulbridge the health, safety and well-being of all the children in our care are of paramount importance.  We respect our children.  They have the right to protection, regardless of age, gender, race, culture or disability nd a right to be safe in school.

We ensure that all staff in school are clear about the actions necessary with regard to any safeguarding issues. 


Throughout the year, our children go on many interesting and exciting visits.  We take advantage of our local community and surrounding areas. When your child starts school we ask you to sign a general consent form for these.  We always send you a letter when visits by bus, train, or minibus are taking place and ask you to complete and return a permission slip.

Charging for visits

The governors' policy on charging is to ask for a voluntary contribution from parents/carers for school trips. However, if we do not receive enough support the trip will not go ahead.  Whenever possible we will engage in fund raising activities to support visits.

Mobile, telephone numbers and email addresses

Please make sure that the school has your up to date contact details as we send messages to parents/carers to inform them of various school events and information.  We will also use these details if we need to contact you in an emergency.

It is very important that this information is kept up to date so if you change your details please let the office know immediately.