Mathematics is an important part of understanding our world, one that enriches our
lives. Thus, children must be given every opportunity to become capable
mathematicians, able to use maths to solve problems and to recognise the beauty of

At Fulbridge Academy, we recognise that mathematical understanding is built upon a
foundation of number sense and spatial awareness. To this end, our curriculum
prioritises children’s interaction with manipulatives and their ability to represent their
understanding visually. As their mathematical knowledge and skills develop, children
continue to use concrete manipulatives and visual representations to support their
knowledge of mathematical concepts, progressing towards eventual abstract
understanding. In addition, children’s mathematical vocabulary is systematically
developed to ensure that they can articulate their understanding.

Every child at Fulbridge Academy is supported to learn the key facts of arithmetic,
such as number bonds and multiplication & division facts. These key facts are one
component of the development of mathematical fluency through which children can
choose the most efficient means to complete calculations and solve problems.
Mathematical reasoning is an essential component of all maths lessons, and children
are supported to spot patterns, suggest examples and to explain their understanding
of the mathematics being learned.

Children’s understanding is developed systematically and teachers’ ongoing assessment of children’s learning underpins their teaching and ensures that every child fulfils their potential.

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Our calculation policy shows the methods that the children will be taught and used in school.  Please select the link below to view our calculating videos.

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Our calculations policy can be viewed by clicking on the document below.