The whole school is divided into 4 Houses.

 ​​​​​    ​                 

       Dyden                        Keeton                Shakespeare             Wilberforce

Children can earn tokens for showing behaviour that is better than the ordinary. 

Tokens can also be earned for a whole class achievement:

All in PE kit on PE day (1 token for class)

100% attendance at 8:45am (3 tokens for class).

Pupils can earn tokens for exceptional effort (gold star is worth 5 House Points) this is mainly awarded to children from  a Phase Leader, Assistant Principal, Vice Principal or the Principal.

Weekly House competitions take place on Friday's. The winning House will receive extra tokens.

At the end of each block, the House with the most tokens will receive a whole class reward. The token jars are then emptied ready to start a new block.

Sports  jars are then day : The children will compete in their 'Houses'.