80th Birthday

Happy 80th Birthday Fulbridge

On Friday 6th November 2015 we celebrated our 80th birthday. The day started with a whole school parade, followed by a 1930′s style assembly and a celebratory buffet lunch.

Although it rained we did not let it spoil our celebrations or fun. The whole school was filled with excitement from the very start of the day and this continued all the way up to home time and beyond.

Whole School Parade

Through the decades 1930- present day

Each phase had been assigned a decade starting with the 1930′s which was when the school first opened. A lot of hard work and effort went in to creating the costumes, art work/banners and models to ensure that each decade was represented in an effective way.

The order of procession:
Lead Car with Elvis and Marilyn (music)
Nursery with Giant Girl
Pupil from the 1930’s with a reception student
Mr Erskine dressed as a 1930’s Head Mr Bailey
Cllr Charles Swift OBE on his Bike with past head girls and boys
Year 6 (1930’s/WW2)
Year 5 (VE day/1950’s)
Year 4 (1960’s)
Year 3 (1970’s)
Year 2 (1980’s)
Year 1 (1990’s)
Reception (millennium/2000’s)
End car to finish the parade.

"I really liked the birthday day, it was fun and the food was delicious.  My favourite bit was walking on the roads (parade). I was wearing a purple Shalwar Kameez and silver high heels.” (Zainab, age 7).

"My best bit was when we walked around the school. I was dressed up as a rocker and I had an air guitar, well a blown up one.  It was amazing that our school is 80 years old.  If I could say one word about the day I would say FUN!” (Vitaurt, age 8).

Mr Erskine was dressed as the 1930′s Head, Mr Bailey. We all gathered in the hall for a very different assembly. Rehaan, age 5, commented "The Head teacher was called Iain and he had a cane in his hand. He was telling us stuff and we sang lots of songs. We sang the ‘travelling’ song and the Fulbridge song. I like that one, I always sing it. I was excited because I was a Power Ranger. I had pizza, like in the movies. I think it’s really cool to be 80.“

Jordanas, age 7 said “It was really fun because we got to walk on the road but it was raining. I had purple hair but only in the middle bit so I would look like a punk rocker. In assembly, Mr Dunn was smacked with a cane to show us what would happen if we were being naughty. That wouldn't happen now. Being 80 is kind of old but it’s not the oldest school that I’ve been to.”

Armante, age 8 said “I was a hippie but my favourite part was probably the assembly when we were singing. I really liked seeing everyone in their costumes: I really loved the aliens from Toy Story. The parade was fun because all the people came like friends, cousins, teachers, parents."

David, ages 7 commented “I dressed in disco clothes. I liked the dinner because there were lots of different things to eat. The pizza and the cake was the best. It was very old to be 80 years old but I think it’s special because I never dressed up like a 1970′s before.”

Abigail, age 6 commented “We dressed up as Madonna. My favourite bit was eating the dinner because it had pizza and we ate it in our classroom. I think that it’s good that we are 80, I think that’s really old.“

A very brave Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to us.

We were especially pleased to see Cllr Charles Swift OBE, The Mayor and Mayoress of Peterborough, Local MP Stewart Jackson, Helen Bath (Chair of Governors).

The photo below is Mr Erskine and Mr Edward Sharman, on the right, who started at Fulbridge Council School when it opened on October 1st 1935 and Mr Keith Boyer who started as a pupil in 1936 and later returned as a teacher – he had 51 children in his class! Edward is the grandfather of Miss Sharman who teaches in Fulbridge Academy High.

Some former pupils joined us, who were awarded the Head Boy or Head Girl awards for their year, due to their outstanding contribution to Fulbridge School.

A big well done does to Mr Dunn for organising such a big event, but also well done to all the children and adults who all helped to make the day a very special one.

Thank you to all the parents, carers and visitors who came to celebrate with us too.

Today was definitely a day to remember.

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