Science and Technology

This page is currently being updated for 2017/18

This includes the exploration and understanding of science and the workings of the physical world, together with human action on the physical world and its consequences. Although science is currently a core subject, Review evidence shows that it has been increasingly squeezed out by testing and the national strategies. The educational case for primary science, as for the arts and humanities, needs to be strongly re-asserted. 

At The Fulbridge Academy, we view digital media as a fundamental part of modern life, so the curriculum has been tailored to be explorative, progressive and adaptive. It is a skill-based curriculum; ensuring essential skills are mastered, while also allowing children to independently push the boundaries of digital media. This is achieved by constantly looking ahead, and keeping up with emerging technologies. We teach digital media in 3 strands: multimedia, digital literacy and computing, as well as using technology within other domains. The aim of the curriculum is to be engaging and relevant, complimented by an emphasis on E-safety, ensures children are prepared for an immersive digital life.

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