At Fulbridge we have been very successful in mathematics. On a couple of occasions in the last few years we have found ourselves in the top 5% of schools for progress made in this domain.

Mathematics is taught as practically as possible: we want to make sure the children remember their lessons as well as having visual reminders. Across our academy the resources, progression of skills and vocabulary are consistent. This ensure, whoever teaches the children they are getting a consistent input.

We plan, teach and assess mathematics across the 6 half terms with 6 strands of assessment:

  • Counting and Estimating
  • Drawing and Creating
  • Sharing and Calculating
  • Reading and Measuring
  • Patterns and Relationships
  • Sorting and Analysing

Within each half term the learning is applied with learning from the previous half term. This ensures the learning is interleaved and distributed. Our mathematics curriculum is unique to us. We don’t use any schemes or workbooks. The planning is based on good quality assessment and built on success steps across each unit.

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