Faith and Belief

The domain leader for Faith and Belief is Claire Scott, supported by Becky Cater.

In Faith and Belief we want to provide our pupils with a rich insight into the wide variety of faith communities that exist in Peterborough so that we are developing in our children harmonious relationships between individuals and groups. We strongly promote and celebrate the cultural and religious diversity that we have in Peterborough and we want our children to learn from the different religions, beliefs, traditions and values that exist within our community. We want to promote discernment and enable our children to combat prejudice. Faith and Belief also offers our children opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development.

In Faith and Belief, throughout their time at Fulbridge Academy, our children learn about all the major religions. In Phase 1 children learn about Christianity, in Phase 2 children learn about Islam, in Phase 3 children learn about Sikhism/Hinduism and in Phase 4 children learn about Buddhism/Judaism/Humanism. We aim to establish links with religious leaders in Peterborough from every religion that we teach; each phase visits a local place of worship each year. In Faith and Belief we also aim to support local charities and local causes within our community.

Faith and belief is assessed as a domain as a whole.

On 5th February 2019 we celebrated Chinese New Year:

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