Vikings invade Ferry Meadows

Phase 3 had an exciting Viking day yesterday, Tuesday 15th May 2018.

As soon as they arrived at Ferry Meadows they set up camp but they kept a close eye out for other viking raiders. They then selected a chief, traded resources, cooked, invaded and raided other settlements, made crafts, and battled.

All the children and the adults took their roles very seriously and a great day was had by all.

Watch the video below to find out what they got up to:

What did you think of the day?

"It was an amazing day because we built and protected ourselves from the other clans, traded with them and raided their camps.  I was actually chosen to be the Chief of my clan: we all sat in a circle and we had to say why we wanted to be chosen.  Everyone then discussed who they should choose. 9 people were nominated but I got the most votes. My job was to lead everyone to battle, command people, and make sure that my clan were trading for the right stuff, like, jewellery, food and material.  I really liked it when we went to battle, my team managed to get 9 tokens- that really was one of the best bits! The worst part about being a viking was that we didn't have a lot of stuff to start with. It was like we were poor."

 Year 4

"It was so funny whenever someone came into your camp from another clan and you thought that they would be trying to raid you but they actually came in peace.  When we were trading, it was funny because we actually traded some oats for some silver and they just let us do it.  The best part about being a viking was being violent (not really though) and protecting our camp.  I liked being a Tradesman and trading for different things.  The worst part was that it was hard to get things from other people but we did get a lot more stuff in the end. When we had to battle, it was funny because if someone got you, you had to go to Valhalla but there were so many people there.  The only part that I was scared about was when the attackers came and I did't want to trade with them."

Year 4

"Today was fun, we learnt so much and I think everyone tried really hard.  The best part was when we 'killed' and raided the other vikings.  The worst part was when you were killed! If the enemies had food, you could trade with them and gather food from animals.  I was a candidate for being the Chief but I didn't win the vote.  I had to talk to my clan about why they should choose me and I said that I would die for them, I would help them to progress and make good decisions.  Our chosen chief was good but he was a bit too bossy!."

Year 4

"The funniest part was pulling each others tags off when we played Valhalla, I got 5 people from each team. It was very simple to get involved because I had to run around a lot. It was rally weird when Shakespeare was spying on us in the bushes because we could see them.  I tried to set up a camouflage trap to stop them from entering our camp- I caught 10 people in it! I was a builder and I built the whole camp. I made the camp fire, fences, and the trap.  The worst part of the day was when someone broke my sword but then I broke someone else's in battle.  I loved the raiding but everyone kept running after you, I was running around everywhere.  I am good at running and just didn't stop, it made me so hungry though. I was really glad to eat my cheese sandwich at lunch time. This was the best trip I have every been on, I would give it 10/10.  I even went to Lego Land but this is even better."

Year 3

"The worst part was when we sat on hammocks and we fell down but we did laugh afterwards.  The best part was Valhalla because we got to pull people's tags off to kill them.  The boring part was when we ate our lunch (laughed).  A happy part was picking our Chief because after he was picked, he had to pick a wife too! Our Chief was really good. Me and Mr Angier had to get something off someone else but we got stung by stingy nettles.  It was hard to protect ourselves because our swords were too bendy.  Some people even had fake blood on them which was really good.  It was good when we had to fight though but I got killed.  I did try and use my shield to protect my tag but then someone got it and then I died. Lots of people died though, Valhalla had lots of people in it."

Year 3

The link below will take you to photos from the day that are shared on the Fulbridge Facebook page:

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