Sports Day 2018

This week (wc 4/6/18) Fulbridge have been busy taking part in their year group sports days. The P.E Team have worked really hard putting together a range of different activities and races. Read on to find out what happened and who the winners are.

The whole school is divided into four Houses: 

Shakespeare (RED), Keeton (YELLOW), Wilberforce (GREEN) and Dryden (BLUE). 

In each activity or race, points can be earned.  At the end, all the points are counted and the house with the most points, is the winner.


The children took part in lots of different activities including: shot put, javelin, long jump, high jump and the discus. They then competed against each other in races including hurdles, 10 metres, relay and long distance.

Nursery, Magic Kingdom:

Our youngest children enjoyed lots of running, sack, and bean bag races.  There was definitely lots of smiles and cheering each other on which was fantastic to see.

You were all winners!

To view more photos, please click on this link -  Magic Kingdom's Facebook page  which will take you to Magic Kingdom's Facebook page.


Reception had a glorious afternoon for their sports day.  There were lots of smiles and cheering from the children, adults, friends and family. We're not sure who was more competitive, the children or the adults!

The Reception winners were...........SHAKESPEARE HOUSE.

To view more photos of our Reception sporting stars in action, please click here .

Year 1

Year 1 used lots of different skills during their sports day. The activities included basketball, throwing, beanbag obstacle course, hurdles, sack race, jumping, kicking/football, and running. The children and adults were cheering each other on throughout each activity and showing great sportsmanship too.

The year 1 winners were...........KEETON HOUSE.

To view more photos of Year 1's sports day, please click here .

Year 2

It was yet another outstanding sports day. Year 2 really showed grit and determination throughout all of the activities. Well done to all the children but especially to Wilberforce House, who are the year 2 winners.

The year 2 winners were......... WILBERFORCE HOUSE.

Please click here to view Year 2 in action.

Year 3

Thankfully, it was a little warmer for Year 3's sports day. The children all took part in several different activities and races to gain points for their Houses.

Everyone worked really hard and they certainly did their best but like most competitions, there could only be one winner..........congratulations to DRYDEN HOUSE.

Click here to view more photos of Year 3's sports day.

Year 4

Year 4 had a fun filled sports morning, taking part in lots of different activities. There were some very close races and some great skills being used during the activiites.

The year 4 winners were DRYDEN HOUSE, congratulations.

Here is footage of Year 4 Dryden winners 'Flossing' after their victory.

Please click here to view Year 4 in action.

Year 5

The children got involved in lots of different activities including: shot put, javelin, long jump, high jump and the discus. They then took part in races including hurdles, 10 metres, relay and long distance.

The overall winning house for year 5 was DRYDEN HOUSE. Congratulations Dryden and well done to all the other children who put so much effort in.

To view more photos, please click here.

Year 6

What a competitive morning year 6 had. There were some very interesting techniques on the high jump and hurdles but they really stepped up the competition in the races.

Congratulations to SHAKESPEARE HOUSE, who were the overall winners for Year 6.

To see more photos of year 6 during their sports day, please click here.

This year's sports day would not have been such a great success without the hard work and dedication from our P.E. Team. They planned, prepared, and facilitated all the activities and races throughout the whole week, thank you.

Also, a huge thank you to the year 4,5 and 6 helpers who encouraged and supported the children with such enthusiasm and maturity. What outstanding role models we have in our school.

What a great week of Sports days. We would just like to say a massive thank you to all the parents and families that came to show their support. It was wonderful to see so many of you cheering all the children on. 

We don’t just have great children at Fulbridge but we have a great set of parents and families.

So that's it until next year...............

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