Sports Day 2017

This year's Sports Day 2017 was organised by our P.E. Team and ran over 2 weeks. 
Each year group took part in a sports tournament as well as many athletics activities. 
 Each House could gain points if they came first, second or third.  The points were counted each day and the winning house was announced for each Year group.  

On the final day, the whole school got together on the playing field for the final and adult races. The atmosphere was amazing as each child and adult was cheered by their Houses.

The total scores were:

1st- Dryden House                6,943

2nd- Keeton House               6,480

3rd- Wilberforce House        5,871

4th- Shakespeare House      5,345

The winners 2017 went to Dryden House. Congratulations and well done to every single one of you.

A big well done to ALL the children for putting so much effort and hard work into every single activity. It was wonderful to see children supporting each other, faces challenges, being courageous, encouraging one another and also, having so much fun.

Click on the link below to watch footage of Sports Day:

Fulbridge Sports Day Footage 2017

 Thank you to the P.E. and Performing Arts Team for all their hard work organising and running this event. There has been so many positive comments about how successful it has been this year, thank you.

A great day was definitely had by all.

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