No Pens Wednesday 2017

On Wednesday 15th March 2017 Fulbridge took part in 'No Pens Wednesday' which is a day that encourages schools and other settings to put down their pens and pencils for the day.This is the second time that Fulbridge has taken part and I think it shows that, as a whole school, we can think creatively and differently. I think we can safely say that our Holistic Intelligences were put to the test today too.

Some of the activities were:

- Speaking and listening 

- Cutting and sticking





-Weighing scales


-Lego blocks

-Sound buttons



Well done to all of the children and adults for thinking outside the box and for creating and taking part in lots of different activities.

 To view more photos of the activities please click on this link:Facebook photos- No Pens Day.

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