Kindness Week 2017

Fulbridge has been full of kindness this week, read on to find out more........

On Monday morning, the whole school got together in their houses, with all the year groups involved, to discuss Acts of Kindness. We discussed how different people show kindness and then each child thought about how they could show kindness over the coming week. Please talk to your child about this, help them to think of ways that they can be kind and to fill in their grid. At the end of the week we will be discussing these in our assemblies.

All this week, we have been thinking about different Acts of Kindness that we can perform both inside and outside of school. In our Friday assemblies, we shared some of these acts with each other:

"Without being asked, I filled my Mum's water bottle up before she went to work."

"I gave a present to someone who was feeling sad."

"I opened the door for someone."

"A boy in my class couldn't read a word so I sat with him and helped him to read the rest of the page."

"I cooked my family a meal and tidied up afterwards too!"

"My friend was sad so I played a game with her."

"Someone feel over on the playground so I helped them up."

"I helped my Mum do stuff at home."

"I cleaned my brother's bedroom for him."

"I brought some books in for my class to read because we needed some new books to read."

"My Mum wasn't well so I made her a cup of tea and tidied the house for her."

"I helped my friend when she was roller skating, I encouraged her. I also encouraged my friend when we went swimming: she couldn't dive so I was helping her."

"I have been helping at home and being tidy."

A child in Year 3 and 4's assembly asked a question 

"If you are kind, would it make the world a better place?"

They discussed this and decided that it would. They also talked about how kindness can spread and grow the more they used it.

In Year 1 and 2's assembly, some children received a 'Kindness' certificate for showing kindness, not only this week but all the time.

This is not the end. We are encouraging the children to continue to think about how they can be kind and how this makes them feel. Have you spotted any acts of kindness from your child? If so, we would live to hear from you.

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