Kevin Price: Children's Author visits Fulbridge

On Thursday 26th April 2018, Kevin Price, a children's author, visited Fulbridge to share some of his stories to our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. He also, talked to the children about being an author and answered any questions that they had.

Kevin spent the whole day with us and the children and adults really enjoyed getting involved in his entertaining stories. The children then asked him questions:

How do you generate your ideas?

I often have lots of ideas going around in my head so I have to sit down and write them down. I can write a book in two days. 

Have you written a book about dinosaurs?

No, not yet but most of my books have animals in them.

What age did you start writing books?

45 years old.

What's your favourite book?

It has to be my first book that I published, The Beauty Contest At The Zoo, because it is very sentimental to me.

Who does the pictures in your books?

A lady called Vicky Fieldhouse. She is my illustrator, I really liked her work. She has done illustrations for Horrible Histories and Horrible Science magazines too. 

How tall were you when you started writing?

I was 5"9, the same as I am now!

How do you memorise your stories?

I spend a lot of time editing and correcting my stories which helps me to remember them.  I also re-read them over and over again and when I visit schools, I remember them because I have read them so many times to children like you.

Do you like reading books to kids?

Yes, of course. I used to read to my children but my youngest son is 13 now but I have a grandson, that I can read to now.

Have you got any new books coming out soon?

Yes, I have 2 more this year.

How do your stories get into books?

Well, I write the words, someone draws the pictures and then a printer prints them out.

Is it hard to be an author?

Yes, it takes a lot of time but it's fun.

How do you choose the front cover?

I spend a lot of time on the front cover because it's one of the most important parts, it's what you would see first.

What book would you like to jump into?

Oh, I think it would have the be The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.

Why did you write the Silly Solar System book?

Well, I watched a really good programme by Brian Cox which made me became interested in the solar system. 

How do you make your books rhyme?

Well, anyone can write a rhyming story. You just need to remember your rhyming words need to make sense and it follows the story.  The rhyme is really the most important bit. Someone said to me that I was good at rhyming so I use this skill in my stories.

Do you write adjectives?

Yes, of course I do.

What animals do you like?

I like all animals but I don't like spiders. 

I do love roaring lion part of book.

How many days have you been an author?

*Kevin gets his calculator out.

Well, at this moment, 2,736 and a half days.

Do you get tired?

Yes, all the time.

Do you need to write lots of books?

Yes, I think it's good to write lot's of books.

What sort of books do you write?

I mainly write rhyming stories.

If you weren't an author, what would you be?

Well, I actually have another job in construction. I sell big building parts to schools and offices.

How many schools have you visited?

Quite a lot, maybe 40-50.

Do you use expression in your stories?

Yes! Do you think I have when I have read my story to you today?

*child answered yes, because that's what we try to do too.

Who inspired you to write?

Spike Milligan, Rauld Dahl and Enid Blighton.

Do you write books with anyone else?

No, just myself.

Who is your favourite author?

Me, of course! (laughter)

Are you going to write a book about us?

I think I already have, it was one about the cheeky monkey!

Thank you Kevin, for answering all of our questions and inspiring us to start writing our own books.

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