House Competition

The whole school has been divided into 4 new Houses: Dryden, Keeton, Shakespeare & Wilberforce.

In todays competition the children had to use some Holistic Intelligences to help them with their activities:

Paper planes: needed ACCURACY to fly their plane through two hoops.

Card Pyramids: required GRIT to create a three tiered pyramid.

Dice Game: PLAY was involved when rolling a dice. The numbers rolled had to be added together to reach a specific target number.

Memblock Game: required ACCURACY to remember the sequence of colours.

Generation Game: COLLABORATION to work together to remember as many items as possible.

Cube: was a CHALLENGE to see if you can bounce a tennis ball on three tables and then land in a bucket/net.

Hula Hoop: required FLUENCY to keep Hula Hooping for a certain amount of time.

The final results were:
1st - Shakespeare 400 points
2nd - Wilberforce 300 points 
3rd - Dryden 200 points 
4th - Keeton 100 points

Shakespeare House gained the most points so therefore they were the overall 

Well done to all the children who took part and tried their best in all the activities.

Thank you to the P.E. Team for organising and running the competition.

We are already looking forward to the next House Competition.

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