Fulbridge Book Week 2018

This week, Fulbridge is celebrating Book Week in style. We have some very exciting activities and events planned that we will be sharing with you in this blog as well as on the Fulbridge Facebook page. 

This week aims to be a real celebration of reading for pleasure, and we hope that everybody enjoys getting into the reading spirit. 

This weeks activities and events are:

Day 1- Monday

Book World Cup

Today marks the beginning of our ‘Fulbridge Book Week’ and we are kicking off with the first round of our Book World Cup.

By the end of the day, each class will discuss their favourite books and nominate 2 or 3. Tomorrow we will update you with the books that have made it into the next round so that each class can cast their votes for the next heat. We look forward to seeing which book will be crowned the ultimate Fulbridge Favourite!

The books nominated for each class in the first round are:

 Each class will then cast their votes for the next heat. We look forward to seeing which book will be crowned the ultimate Fulbridge Favourite!

After voting all week, the children of Fulbridge have spoken:

Charlie and the Chocolate factory won with 62% of the votes cast.

Day 2 Tuesday


Each year group will have a slot to read in the Book Nook. The idea is that there are children reading non stop in the Book Nook throughout the day.

 Each year group that reads for 1 hour and a half will earn the school a prize!

Year 5 enjoying reading in the Book Nook

Oz (Yr 2) had a stop and read day. Throughout the day all the adults and children carried round a book and at different times they would simply stop whatever they were doing and read. Here they are in action:

Day 3 Wednesday

 Second day of Read-a-thon and Story Swap

During story time, adults across school will be sharing a book with a different class.

Below, is a photo of Mrs Burton sharing a story with Sodor.

The big question is, did we manage to make it to 12 hours?

Day 4 Thursday

Official opening of the Book Nook, Book hunt & Dine with Dahl lunch

Our Reading Ambassadors officially opened the Book Nook. 

Watch it here:

Dine with Dahl Themed Lunch

There were some wonderful creations being made and eaten during today's lunch time.
A child in Year 2 said that she had never had a school dinner like this before and that it was a bit different. Another child had bought Willy Wonka an easter egg which he was very happy to receive.

With special thanks to our catering team, dinner hall supervisors but especially Willy Wonka and Mr Twit for all their hard work and help to ensure everything ran smoothly.

Book Hunt

Our Reading Ambassadors hid a variety of different books around school. Any children that found them could keep them. Congratulations to the winners and well done to all the other children for all their searching effort.

Day 5 Friday 

Dress up Day

Miss Wilson and Miss Chatterton had some very tough decisions to make when choosing to best dressed classes and children.

The winning classes are:
Magic Kingdom
Phase 1:Greendale
Phase 2: Agrabah
Phase 3:Camelot
Phase 4: Abbey road

The winning classes will receive £50 to spend on books and the individual winners chose a book from the Book Nook to take home.

Well done to everyone who put so much time and effort in to dressing up, you all looked amazing. A big congratulations to the winners too.

Please click on the link below to view more photos:

Fulbridge World Book Day Dress Up Day 2018

Still to come.......

Unfortunately, due to the weather we have had to postpone a few of this weeks activities.

-House Competition:

-Vivacity Book Bus

Thank you to everyone at Fulbridge for making this year's Book Week one to remember.

We would also like to say a huge "THANK YOU" to Miss Wilson and Mrs Chatterton for organising such a fantastic book week. 

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