FAH Mayoral Election 2017

Fulbridge Academy High are running their very own Mayoral Election that will coincide with the real Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Mayoral Election 2017.

The journey so far........

4 candidates have been selected.

Names of Parties and emblems have been designed.

Application forms completed and handed in to Gillian Beasley, Returning Officer at Peterborough City Council.

Speeches delivered in assembly on Friday 31st March 2017

After todays speeches an opinion poll was taken. Results to be confirmed next week.

Candidate acceptance letters received from Gillian Beasley, Returning Officer and Chief Executive of Peterborough City Council. 

Agent confirmation letters delivered and received to Agents from Mark Emson, Electoral Manager.

Poll and voting cards hand delivered to FAH by Charles Swift OBE

Election Question Time 28th April 2017

Postal votes sent out

Campaigning continues.......

Polling Station set up and ready....

Our Polling Station was inspected by John Harrison, who is an Official from the Town Hall. 

He awarded us with a 'Certificate of Excellence" which Miss Dobslaw was very excited to receive in assembly.

Voting day was on Thursday 4th May 2017 from 8am until 1pm.

Photos from our Voting Day, which took place on 4th May 2017, can be viewed on our Fulbridge Facebook page or you can click the link below:

">Voting Day 2017 

Friday 5th May 2017: Mayoral Election Results

Announced by Gillian Beasley, Returning Officer.

Our newly appointed Mayor of Fulbridge Academy High

 Our Fulbridge Mayor and other candidates being interviewed by BBC Cambridgeshire.

Listen to the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire pre-result interviews by clicking here. 

Please note:

The link is only available until the 3rd June 2017. 

The interview starts at 2 hour and 23 minutes.

Congratulations and well done to all the candidates, Mr Charles Swift OBE for all his input, the Polling Station volunteers and Officials, Miss Dobslaw for all her support with organising and to all the adults and children for participating in the first FAH Mayoral Election 2017.

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire coverage of our Mayoral Election Results (2 hours and 22 minutes into the link). 

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire coverage of our Mayoral Election Results (2 hours and 22 minutes into the link). >Play

(Please note that this link is only available until 3rd June 2017).

Still to come...........

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire news article.  

Our Mayoral will carry out Mayoral Duties as required.

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