Children in Need 2016

Children In Need Day 2016
We have great pleasure in announcing our grand total of money raised this year: 

This includes £700 raised in sponsorship from the children and adults who took part in the 24 hour teach.
Well done to everyone involved, this is the highest amount we have ever raised!

The Fulbridge School Council members were lucky enough to meet Pudsey as he was judging their colouring competition.

To look at photos of Pudsey's visit to Fulbridge please click here.

Wear your spots......let's raise lots for Children In Need 2016.

The children and adults at Fulbridge raised money by coming to school dressed in spots, red and yellow clothing or Pudsey bears.

All the money raised went towards Children In Need. 

Well done to everyone for all your hard work and effort in making yours or your child's outfit, they all looked amazing. 


To raise money for Children In Need, a small group of children in Year 5 & 6 are taking part in a 24 hour teach, starting from 9am on Friday until 9am on Saturday morning.

They took part in lots of different activities including: Spanish, hide and seek, gardening, maths, L.O.L, walk around the local area, singing, dancing and much more to keep themselves busy.

At midnight, they took part in a midnight 'mannequin challenge.' For those of you who haven't heard about this new craze, it is a new online trend which sees people uploading videos of themselves looking as though they've been frozen in time.

Click here to watch the Midnight Mannequin Video

Click here to watch them in action during a 4am fitness video.

Thanks to the staff who stayed all night running activities and fun lessons for 24 hours. 
A special thank you to Mrs Currie for organising the event and the enjoyable lessons the children took part in.

Mr Epton-Smith set the House Captains a challenge to take the best picture of Pudsey & Blush from BBC Children in Need on an adventure around school. Sadly only Shakespeare and Keeton entered.

The winning entry is............Keeton House who have been awarded 40 house points! Mr Donohoe couldn't decide which photo to enter so he sent in all three!

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