Aspirations Fair 2018

Welcome to Fulbridge Academy's Aspirations Fair 2018. 

What is an aspiration?

An aspiration is having a hope or ambition to achieve something, in this case the children are going to be looking at careers.

On Thursday 27th September, children in years 4, 5 & 6 attended the Fulbridge Aspirations Fair. This event was organised to inspire and enthuse the children of Fulbridge to think about their ambitions and to have a drive for lifelong learning.

The children had the opportunity to walk around different work stations and talk to lots of different experts about their jobs.

All the children received an Aspirations Passport which had a photo on the front, with them wearing a graduation gown and cap. Inside there were 10 places for stamps, for the 10 different industries. To graduate from the Aspirations Fair, the children had to collect a stamp from each station.

The Workstations


Local veterinarian. A vet treats injured or ill animals, which can be pets such as cats and dogs, or more exotic animals such as lions, reptiles, elephants and other zoo animals. Vets can also undertake research into animals to learn more about them.

With special thanks to Laura Elder, vet and practice partners at Vets4Pets.

i3 Media

i3 are a local technologies company who design and create websites for clients such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Hotel Chocolat, Muslim Aid and Peterborough City Council. Websites can cost tens of thousands of pounds and you create your own in digital media already!

With special thanks to Azeem Yaqoob, managing director of i3 Media.


i3 also make sure that these companies are seen all over the world, so people buy their products or services. A marketer works to do this, using the internet and through advertising campaigns they can cleverly ensure the most people visit the websites.

With special thanks Mathew Erskine, Marketing Manager at i3 Media.

Fire Service

Peterborough’s Fire and Rescue service. These are the people who rescue and save lives of people in Peterborough and the surrounding areas, not only from fire, but from floods, car accidents and other life threatening situations.

With special thanks to Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue. 

Police Force

Cambridgeshire Constabulary are our local police force. They are the people who keep us safe. Their job is not only on the streets protecting, but forensic investigations into crimes and surveillance operations too.

With special thanks to Cambridgeshire Constabulary. 

Tracey Penn- Performing Arts

Tracey Penn has performed on the West End stage in shows such as ‘Hairspray’. A career in performing arts can take you around the world and lead you to meet amazing different people and their cultures.

With special thanks to Tracey Penn, Performing Arts Team at Fulbridge Academy.

Peterborough United Football Club

Peterborough United are our local football club. A career in the football industry does not just mean as a player, but there are coaches, sports therapists, injury specialists, event managers, hospitality experts, nutritional specialists and many other roles.

With special thanks to Phil Adlam, Press Officer at Peterborough United Football Club.


A person who cuts and styles hair as an occupation.

With special thanks to Mrs Gascoigne, HLTA and part-time hairdresser. 


Becoming a teacher is a very interesting career that can bring a lot of satisfaction. There are many ways to become a teacher, but there are also other jobs in education such as specialist teachers and supporting roles.

With special thanks to Mr Currie, senior leader at Fulbridge Academy and Director of Teach East.

The children received some brilliant advice too:

'Find a job that makes you smile everyday.'

What a fantastic day. 

We hope you enjoyed watching and reading all about it.

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