Social Media

We use many ways of sharing information with Parents/carers and visitors. Social media is a quick and simple way to share news, information and show all the wonderful things that happen at Fulbridge on a daily basis.

We share videos and photographs of children and adults but we use these responsibly with children who's parents/carers have given permission to do so. 


Links can be found below:

Main Fulbridge page : Fulbridge Academy 

Nursery/Magic Kingdom: Magic Kingdom est 2021 

Reception:    Fulbridge Academy est 2021

Year 1:              Fulbridge Academy est 2020

Year 2 :            Fulbridge Academy est 2019

Year 3:             Fulbridge Academy est 2018

Year 4:             Fulbridge Academy est 2017

Year 5:              Fulbridge Academy est 2016

Year 6:              Fulbridge Academy est 2015

Four Cs P.E, Performing Arts and Art:  Four Cs PE, PA and Art 

Fulbridge Forest School: Fulbridge Forest School


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