Lunch Menus

Autumn Menu 2021

*Starting in September 2021


Please be aware we DO NOT ACCEPT CASH in school any more, we are now operating a cashless system using the online MCAS (My Child at School) app. To sign up for MCAS please follow the link : 

MCAS set up guide 

Are you entitled to free school meals?

Check your eligibility and save hundreds of pounds whilst helping raise money for your child's school. 

"Have your circumstances changed?" 

"Do you think you are entitled to benefit related free school meals?"

Applying For Free School Meals

Cambridgeshire City Council are now managing all Free School Meal (FSM) requests, we no longer process these in school. 

If you think you might be entitled to FSM and would like to apply, please go the following website:

Cambridgeshire City Council will let you know directly if your application has been successful or not,  and they will also inform the school. 

Thank you.