Future Leaders

Welcome to our Future Leaders page.

On this page you can find out what our members are doing...

Future Leader Sessions

Our Leaders will meet up once a week after school to get involved in the following:

  • Discuss events that they that can help and support
  • Prepare for events
  • Create awareness/help videos
  • Build confidence and character

 Meet our Head Boy & Head Girl  and Prefects 2021/22


Future Leaders 2021/2022

Meet our members:

Our Future Leaders are a group of children that consists of 1 child from each class from year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

These children have been democratically elected to represent the views of all pupils and they will work together to make Fulbridge an even better school.

Member will discuss any different aspects of school life and have a big say in how the school is ran.

Throughout the year, as a team, they will host events such as cinema nights, raise money for charity and work on projects in and around the school.

Some of the projects will include building, creating and improving many areas around school.

Year 6 children will be helping in Reception and Year 1 with reading.

To be a Future Leader at Fulbridge you need to be:

  • Confident

  • Hard working

  • Passionate

  • Someone who wants to make a change in school

  • Demonstrate excellent behaviour

  • Give 110% 

  • Creative 



Official Opening of the Climbing Stack - June 2022

Some of our Future Leaders officially opened the new play equipment that has been installed in Excalibur.

This was purchased with the money raised from the cinema nights and is a great addition to this area.

As you can see, the children were very excited. They said that they felt proud to have made something become 'real' for everyone to play on.

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Plants - May 2022

Our Future Leaders have been to B&Q to buy some flowers for the new plant pots on the main



Cinema Nights - March 2022

Our Future Leaders have been organising, running and supervising cinema nights for all phases over the past 4 weeks.

This was an extremely popular and successful event.

We hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the films and popcorn!! 


Friendship Benches - March 2022

"We raised lots of money from the school discos which made us decide to buy friendship benches to help with children that are lonely and have no one to play  with at break and lunch times.  

There is a bench at the edge of the main playground and one on the Fulbridge Academy High play area. 

We have already noticed lots of people using the benches already, even a few of the adults!"

(Year 6 Future Leader)

Safer Internet Day 2022

To raise awareness and support Safer Internet Day 2022, the children have created a video that was shared with the whole school.  The video highlighted positives and negatives of being online and how to behave respectfully and responsibly online.

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The children also shared some reminders about how to stay safe and behave online.....

They also shared some help and advice for our parents and carers when talking to their child/ren about social media and screen use.

What a fantastic job from our Future Leaders.

Letters to Germany - February 2022

The children have enjoyed writing their letters to the children in Germany.


Delivering Letters - January 2022

The children delivered 200 letters to local residents regarding safe parking around our school. 

Discos - December 2021

The children have worked extremely hard to organised, advertise and run the Christmas discos for all years groups across school.

It was a huge success especially as the event raised over £1000! This will be used to purchased friendship benches for both sites. 

What a fantastic event and what a thoughtful way to spend the money raised. 




Special Mail! - November 2021

The Future Leaders had a wonderful surprise when they received letters from a school in Germany. 

The children will be writing back throughout the year, sharing all the exciting things that have been happening at Fulbridge.  This will help the children in Germany to improve their English as well as our children having an amazing contact with another school in a different country. 

The children are already looking forward to writing back and were so excited about receiving their very own letter. One Future Leader said:

"I couldn't believe it, I have never had a letter from a different country before." 

Anti-bullying Week

Anti-bullying week was the week commencing 15th November 2021.

Our Future Leaders created a video to support this year's theme: One Kind Word.

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Our Future Leaders presented to the whole class about Anit-Bullying Week.












Supporting reading in Reception - November 2021



Designing a logo - September 2021

Our Future Leaders have been busy trying to design a logo. We hope to share this with you as soon as they have decided.