About Us

Mission Statements:

"To create a school that makes you long for childhood"

 "How children learn is as important as what they learn"

"Good teachers make a difference, outstanding teachers transform lives"

Vision Statement:

At the Fulbridge Academy we must ignite children"s imagination and their active, willing and enthusiastic engagement in their learning.

Our vision is to: ensure that every child succeeds; build on what learners already know; make learning vivid and real; make learning an enjoyable experience; enrich the learning experience as well as promote "Children"s Voice" and "Assessment for Learning". 

Our curriculum should enable children to encounter and begin to explore the wealth of human experience through induction into, and active engagement in, the different ways through which humans make sense of their world: intellectual, moral, spiritual, aesthetic, social, emotional and physical, through language, mathematics, science, the humanities, the arts, religion and other ways of knowing and understanding and act upon it. 

Creative Thinking is at the heart of the Fulbridge approach to learning. We aspire for the children to explore, negotiate, discover and experiment. We want them to speculate, empathise, reflect, collaborate, cooperate and persevere. Children need to show initiative, and demonstrate leadership, teamwork, flexibility, integrity, imagination and curiosity.


Our curriculum must serve: 

The Individual:

by ensuring well-being, engagement, empowerment and autonomy.

The Wider World: 

  • By encouraging respect and reciprocity
  • By promoting interdependence and sustainability
  • By empowering local, national and global citizenship
  • By celebrating culture and community

Children's Learning:

  • Through exploration, knowing, understanding and making sense
  • Through fostering skill
  • Through exciting imagination
  • Through enacting dialogue

The Fulbridge Academy aspires to develop children who demonstrate courtesy and good manners. Children who have respect for themselves, their peers, adults and other generations as well as respect for difference, language and the environment both globally and locally. 

To achieve our vision and aims the Fulbridge Academy will work in collaboration with parents and the community. We will build on children"s learning outside school, promote high quality professional development and have high expectations of children and adults. We aim to foster appropriate pupil-pupil and pupil-teacher relationships, use new technologies, base decisions on recognised research and pedagogy. In this way we will develop creativity, develop skills for the teaching of English as an Additional Language and promote outstanding leadership and governance.

To Enable our Mission, Vision and Aims:

We need Outstanding Teaching which:

  • Is well organised and planned;
  • Is reflective;
  • Is using a range of assessment, monitoring and recording strategies;
  • Is based on sound subject knowledge;
  • Manages the classroom effectively;
  • Understands children"s developmental needs;
  • Uses exciting and varied approaches;
  • Inspires;
  • Encourages children to become autonomous learners;
  • Facilitates children's learning;
  • Manages the learning of individuals, groups and whole classes;
  • Stimulates children's creativity and imagination;
  • Respects and responds to the interests and needs of individual learners;
  • Includes more opportunities for collaborative learning;
  • Involves dialogic teaching approaches to promote higher-order thinking. 

At the Fulbridge Academy we will teach, plan and assess the children through the Eight Domains of the Cambridge Primary Review:

  • Arts and Creativity;
  • Citizenship and Ethics;
  • Faith and Belief;
  • Language, Oracy and Literacy;
  • Mathematics;
  • Physical and Emotional Health;
  • Place and Time;
  • Science and Technology.

The Fulbridge Academy aligns itself with the priorities of the Cambridge Primary Review:

  • High Expectations and Excellence that promote teaching that makes a difference;
  • Education that promotes Equity and combats Educational Disadvantage;
  • Promote expertise through teacher knowledge and outstanding Teaching and Learning;
  • Create a stimulating School Environment that supports learning;
  • Prioritise and advances assessment;
  • Empower Pupil Voice;
  • A curriculum that is stimulating, empowering and supported by "Evidence based Research";
  • Connect with the Community.

Provide an entitlement to an engaging, rich and relevant curriculum that focuses upon:

  • Sustainability
  • Pedagogy
  • Voice
  • Equity
  • Community
  • Aims
  • Curriculum
  • Assessment
(Our Vision and Aims are based on the findings of the Cambridge Primary Review)